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  • Kangaroo Mother Care & Neonatal Intensive Care Units
  • A new mother in the maternity unit
  • Wheelchairs get children to school
  • Ironman competition in Wales
  • Babies are no longer crammed 4 to a cot
  • A corner chair
  • Knitting tiny hats and clothes for premature babies

Current Priority Needs


We are often asked for our current priority needs, with estimated costs.

Here is the current list.


FOSC Ward Staff       *Priority Need*


£50,000   / ($   70,000) is needed each year just to secure the existing over-stretched team of 30.


£100,000 / ($ 140,000) is needed each year to grow the team to meet the demand for healthcare. 


                      The £ and $ amounts can swing wildly because of volatility of the currencies so

                                        re-assesments can be made at the time of donations.


                                                                                       Existing              Needed


                         Paediatric nurses                                          13                      25

                         Clinical Officers                                              -                        3

                         Patient Attendants (nurse auxilliaries)            10                      15                                                         Homecraft workers/play attendants                 5                        7                                                            Teacher                                                       1                        1                                                        Handyman/maintenance                                 1                        1                                                                                                                          -----                  ------                                                                                                                           30                       52                                                                                                                        ===                  ===


  • Cardiac clinic -                         £ 1,250/$1,750 per annum (mostly digoxin, captopril or enalapril, spironolactone)

  • Neurology / epilepsy clinic - £ 1,525/$2,135 per annum (sodium valproate, carbamazepine)

  • Sickle cell clinic -                     £    625/$875 per annum (hydroxyurea)

  • Diabetes clinic -                      £    625/$875 per annum for insulin

  • Neonatal follow up clinic – providing mostly iron and vitamins for our ex-prem babies -  £ 625/$875 per annum

  • General and asthma clinic - £    315/$440 for steroid inhalers

  • Inpatient drugs:                      £1,525/$2,135 for amoxicillin or augmentin suspension, IV cloxacillin, ciprofloxacin suspension.

  • Oxygen cylinders:                   £ 625/$875 per annum to fill. (we use these to transport patients)

  • Lactogen (for orphaned babies): £1,250/$1750 per annum

  • HIV positive children - Fluconazole suspension £ 625/$875 per annum

Equipment needs

Blood sugar monitors and sticks. Many children who are ill have a low blood sugar and it is important to test it in an emergency. Monitors (20) and sticks for a year estimated at £1,785 ($2,500).

  • Good quality blood pressure / saturation monitors (mobile, on stands). Each costs £1,425 ($2,000) for a reasonable quality one. We need another 3 for the neonatal unit to cover all our wards.
  • Oxygen concentrators. We have no ‘piped gases’ – rather we get oxygen from machines which extract it from the air. Several are getting old and are in need of repair or replacement. We need 5 including shippage and a basic new one costs about £2,142 ($3,000) including the shipping etc.  A portable one that will reduce our need for cylinders costs £2,360 ($3,300). We could really do with 2 portable ones.
  • Suction machines. We need 10 manual / foot pump ones. Each costs about £145 ($200)
  • Vital Signs Monitors          £1,950 ($2,750) each
  • Admission stationary        £ 1,075 ($1,500) per annum
  • Equipment that is being disposed of in the UK or elsewhere, but we will gladly use:


      • Drip stands

      • Metal trolleys

      • Ultrasound machines (but please contact us first!)

      • Patient trolleys

      • Wheelchairs

      • IV cannulas – 22 or 24 g

      • Intraosseous needles

      • Phototherapy machines



This is extremely difficult to budget for as reliable engineers are scarce. However, we could spend £3,600 ($5,000) a year on this extremely easily should we find a suitable partner.



Although not so easy for donors to appreciate immediately, this is an important need and is a very sustainable way of improving healthcare. 

£1,425/$2000 pa for 3 years will train a specialist clinical officer in paediatric medicine.         

£5,000/$7500 over 2 years will train a specialist nurse in children’s medicine to degree level.


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